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Legislative Update

LCP's IORP II Handbook

IORP II has finally landed and been transposed into Irish Law. The Pensions Authority expect Trustees to understand the changes and to put in place a clear and definitive plan to meet these new responsibilities, many of which are effective immediately.

Our IORP II Handbook will be an invaluable tool to any Trustee on this challenging journey. It steps through the new requirements in simple and clear language and will assist Trustees to truly grasp what the impact will be on their scheme and to consider what changes or actions are required to address the new requirements.

Latest Market Updates

LCP Radar Update - The Pensions Regulator issues a Statement alongside the Authority’s 2020 Annual Report & Accounts

The Pensions Regulator has issued a Statement setting out his interpretation of the implications of the recent changes to pension legislation arising from IORP II. 


LCP Investment Summary - September 2021

In this monthly investment update, global equity markets fell over September 2021 with longer dated Eurozone AAA-rated government bond prices also falling (and yields rising). Find out more by reading our latest Summary.



COVID-19 update in relation to LCP Ireland Ltd

LCP continues to monitor the situation in relation to the Coronavirus and its potential impact on our business, staff and clients. The welfare and safety of our own people, clients and contacts is of paramount importance to us, as is providing continuity of service with the minimum of disruption.

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