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Fiduciary Management Survey

We believe that the partial or full implementation of fiduciary management can play an important role in the effective management of a DB schemes’ assets. It’s clear from our surveys of the Irish DB fiduciary market that this is an option which is growing in popularity. 

This survey gives an insight into the fiduciary market in Ireland from the perspective of fiduciary managers, pension schemes, and other interested parties.

Upcoming training

LCP Trustee Training

As a trustee, it is vital that you are up to date and fully understand how legislative and regulatory issues impact your scheme.

We are increasingly providing in-house 'bespoke' trustee training sessions for larger pension schemes which are proving very popular. For more information, please contact Eoin Mullen at eoin.mullen@lcpireland or call (01) 614 4393

We also run a number of our standard half-day training courses which will suit both new and existing trustees, and our next session will be on Friday 24th January 2020.

Latest market updates

Investment Summary October 2019

In this monthly investment update, global equity markets rose (in € terms) in October 2019 with longer dated AAA-rated eurozone government bond prices falling (and yields rising). Find out more by reading our latest update.


Radar Update

IORP II, the Directive which is expected to greatly enhance pension scheme governance, was not transposed into Irish law by 13 January 2019 as expected.

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