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A Personal Retirement Savings Account (“PRSA”) is a type of personal pension available in Ireland since 2002. We are the number one provider in the Irish Market for PRSA services to PRSA Providers.

Lifetime PRSA

Explore Q&A on a change in legislation whereby the upper age limit of 75 for PRSAs has been removed. 

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We currently act as a PRSA actuary to 9 providers, including insurance companies, stockbrokers and providers who offer PRSAs with self-directed investment options.

Our clients benefit from our significant experience and expertise in this area.

The services provided include:

  • Assistance with PRSA product applications
  • Annual PRSA compliance reviews
  • Support in relation to reporting requirements to the Pensions Authority
  • Advice on Statement of Reasonable Projection (SORP) and Preliminary Disclosure Certificate (PDC) illustrations 
  • Support on implementing changes for upcoming changes in legislation impacting PRSAs and
  • Other ongoing consultancy services in relation to PRSAs.

LCP at all times strive to address issues and queries in a considered and commercial way and will always present alternatives where appropriate. We would have no hesitation in recommending LCP, particularly Fergus Collis and John Lynch, for their PRSA actuary and wider associated services.

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Certificate of benefit comparison

Transfers from occupational pension schemes to a PRSA, where the occupational scheme is not winding up, require a certificate of comparison and written statement before they can proceed.

Illustration systems

Accurate projection of retirement benefits is an important disclosure requirement under PRSA and Occupational Pension Scheme legislation.

New product application

The process of obtaining approval as a PRSA provider is challenging and intensive. 

PRSA actuary appointment

We currently act as PRSA actuarial consultants to 9 PRSA providers. As a result, we have significant experience of conducting compliance reviews for PRSA business.

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