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Declan Lavelle


I am a partner in LCP's Insurance Consulting practice. I have over 30 years’ insurance industry experience, both in-house and as a consulting actuary.

I act as an Irish Head of Actuarial Function and also perform a similar role for clients in Malta. Prior to Solvency II I was a signing actuary for several Irish regulated insurers.

As a Solvency II expert, I help clients with a wide range of aspects of their business: from technical provisions, opinions on underwriting and reinsurance, to capital and standard formula calculations and ORSA modelling and projections. I have also performed independent reviews of compliance with the Irish domestic actuarial regime.

I have acted as the Independent Actuary for a number of Section 13 business transfers, and as peer reviewer for both Section 13 and UK Part VII transfers.

I have also worked with clients on internal model validation, portfolio analysis and management information.

I am an active volunteer with the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, and had the honour of serving as president of the Society for the 2022-23 year. I served on the Society’s Council and several committees for many years.

LCP have a practical way of looking at things and cut through the noise on essential issues.

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