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Ian Gamon


I advise trustees on their investments, helping them to get the best return from their assets for the right level of risk. With 20+ years of experience as an actuary advising trustees, charities and companies, I enjoy advising a broad range of clients. My recent work includes advising trustees on:

  • Responsible investment policy and how to address climate change risks
  • Hedging pension scheme liabilities against interest rate and inflation risks
  • Long-term investment strategy for the endowment of a £1billion+ charity
  • Selection and implementation of a global infrastructure fund
  • Insurance 'buy-in' of a pension scheme's retired population

Within LCP, I am a member of the Responsible Investment Group, with specific responsibility for 'Impact Investing'. I believe responsible investment (including good stewardship) are valuable components of the trustee toolkit. Done well, responsible investment will increase long-term returns and enable trustees to meet their objectives more successfully.

A passionate believer in applying capital for both financial and societal benefit; I am actively involved in growing the knowledge and understanding of impact investing through industry round tables, blogs and webinars.

If you distill everything about LCP down to one thing, it is 'I trust what they are telling us'.

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