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S5 Ep. 16

Investment Uncut: Black Women in Asset Management with Jackie James


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This episode was recorded on 15 May 2024 and therefore does not reflect any events after this date.

In this week’s episode, Jacob Shah and Laasya Shekaran chat to Jackie Jones, co-founder and director of Black Women in Asset Management. With Jackie, we talk about the landscape for Black women in asset management and the work that she and others are doing to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry.  

Before we interview Jackie, Laasya interviews Sapna Patel, Principal at LCP, on her latest Vista article on social systemic risks. We find out what social systemic risks are, why they matter to investors and dive into the under-appreciated topic of Anti-Microbial Resistance a bit more. 

With Jackie we discuss:

  • How she started the Black Women in Asset Management community, and how their mission has evolved.
  • The importance of building communities and support networks.
  • How the DEI landscape has changed during her career.
  • Reflections on where we stand now as we come up to the 4 year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.
  • The landscape of private equity funding for Black women – and how investors can ensure they aren’t missing out on great opportunities. 

What’s one thing you would like listeners to take away from this?

  • Black Women do exist in asset management!  

Any recommendations for good books or podcasts: