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S5 Ep. 17

Investment Uncut: Bubbles and Rates with Torsten Sløk – Part I


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This episode was recorded on 21 May 2024 and therefore does not reflect any events after this date.

In this week’s episode, Jacob Shah and Laasya Shekaran chat to Torsten Sløk, Partner and Chief Economist at Apollo. With Torsten, we discuss whether markets are currently in a bubble, how this is related to AI and inflation, and the current challenges being faced by central banks.

Before we interview Torsten, Jacob talks to Tom Porter, Strategy Direct and Partner at LCP, on Population 2050.  We find out what it is, why it matters that we understand where the future is taking us, and the key areas we’re thinking about at LCP.

In part one of our interview with Torsten we discuss:

  • What is a market bubble and how it is defined.
  • The 1990s Tech Bubble, what companies looked like then and the similarities / differences to today’s AI bubble.
  • Whether we’re in a bubble today and what could cause the bubble to burst.

Listen to next week’s episode to hear part two of our interview with Torsten, where we’ll be talking about inflation and interest rates.