LCP Solvency II
reporting across the UK and Ireland


Firms are still finding their feet in the first year of public reporting under Solvency II. The Solvency and Financial Condition Reports and supporting Quantitative Reporting Templates provide a window into the inner workings of insurers.

We’ve peered in, and gained insights into the financial strength of insurers in the UK and Ireland, how they run their businesses, and how they communicate with the outside world.

Our conclusion is that financial strength is generally good, but firms can do more to improve the quality and value of their public reporting. This will not only show that they take compliance seriously, but also help develop another tool in their arsenal to positively promote their business to key stakeholders.


How we can help

Your capital model can be a powerful tool for understanding your risk profile and making better business decisions, in addition to calculating regulatory capital.

Insurance regulation has become tougher and more sophisticated. We can help you meet regulatory requirements in a way that adds value to the business.

Data has always been the lifeblood of insurance. The recent explosion in the volume of data available to insurers provides great opportunities but will also generate more intense competition.

Reserving adequacy is crucial to succeeding in the insurance market.  But some of the biggest risks to your reserves are not reflected in the historical claims data.

Risk management is at the core of the insurance business.  We can help you strengthen the links between strategy and risk management, increasing your chances of business success.

Our independent validation advice helps you to use your models with greater confidence and to meet regulatory requirements efficiently.