Godze Bicer

Godze Bicer

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My name is Gozde and I am a qualified actuary in the Insurance consulting team. I have a wide range of commercial insurance experience including commercial underwriting, account pricing and various actuarial roles. My particular interests include reserving processes, reporting and analytics. Additionally, I help clients across many areas including actuarial function documentation, internal model validation and Statements of Actuarial Opinion.

LCP provides clear and understandable information when asked which makes my decision making easier.

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How I can help

Insurance regulation has become tougher and more sophisticated. We can help you meet regulatory requirements in a way that adds value to the business.

Reserving adequacy is crucial to succeeding in the insurance market.  But some of the biggest risks to your reserves are not reflected in the historical claims data.

Risk management is at the core of the insurance business.  We can help you strengthen the links between strategy and risk management, increasing your chances of business success.

Our independent validation advice helps you to use your models with greater confidence and to meet regulatory requirements efficiently.