LCP Pensions
Accounting Briefing 2023


Funding levels improved significantly over 2022, a trend that was maintained into 2023. This was principally due to a very sharp rise in bond yields. 

Now in its fifteenth year, the analysis by Lane Clark & Peacock Ireland Limited (LCP) of defined benefit pension scheme finances in Ireland’s largest publicly quoted and State-controlled companies looks forward from 2023, using our analysis of accounting disclosures as a gauge for the current health and likely future path of Irish Pension Schemes.

Funding levels improved strongly over 2022 and this trend continued into 2023. Corporates should be engaging with Trustees about how they can lock down these gains and ensure that their schemes are more robust against future market shocks

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2023 Report

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Corporate change can often occur unexpectedly or quickly. For those sponsoring or managing pension schemes, the implications can be significant. DB pension liabilities and future DC pension arrangements, along with associated employee benefits, are a key consideration in any commercial transaction today.