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Gavin Orpin


I am Head of Investment Strategy at LCP and responsible for LCP’s approach to setting asset strategies for our clients.

I advise the pension schemes of several high-profile multi-national companies on all aspects of their investment arrangements. Typically these are larger schemes with multi-billion asset portfolios. My key aims are to clearly understand my clients’ goals, make complex investment strategies easy to understand, and critically, deliver better risk-adjusted returns on their assets.

I am also an industry pioneer in advising on innovative risk management solutions utilising interest rate, equity and credit derivatives. This work has resulted in many of our clients’ pension schemes being extremely well-funded, with several of my clients having completed full buy-ins of all their liabilities.

I also lead LCP’s LDI and derivatives research team.

Gavin provides succinct, insightful and timely advice. He is hugely knowledgeable on investment matters.

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