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Efficient governance

You want to focus your time and energy on what is most important for your investments and cut out unnecessary noise.

At LCP, we help clients to make effective decisions and provide solutions that will help them to identify and capture good opportunities quickly. Our streamlined approach reduces the need for unnecessary paperwork whilst still delivering sufficient information to satisfy the highest standards.

We make our clients’ lives easier by using smart technology and solutions, to help them capture good opportunities efficiently

LCP Advance

Advance gives DB trustees and sponsors a fully-tailored dashboard to monitor all your key metrics daily, with clear traffic lights to quickly identify opportunities and manage risks. This helps our clients to see everything they need in one place – across funding, investment, covenant and administration – and can be used across multiple schemes.

Trigger monitoring

We help our clients to cut through the noise by agreeing clear parameters for when to take action in future (e.g. if equity markets were to fall by 20%, or your funding position improves by 5%). Once specific metrics have been agreed, we use smart technology to monitor our clients' position daily, and we notify them promptly if a trigger is hit. This focused approach saves our clients a huge amount of time and enables them to take advantage of short-lived market opportunities before they disappear.

Streamlining your processes

We’ve successfully helped our clients to materially reduce the need for paperwork to implement asset transfers and appoint new managers. We’ve developed smart solutions to get investment managers or specialist platform providers to work differently, to help clients to streamline that work. 

We also help clients to make robust and effective investment decisions by providing clear and timely advice that’s in line with their strategic objectives and attitude to risk. Our specialist governance team facilitates board effectiveness reviews and regularly works with trustee boards looking to strengthen their investment decision making.

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