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Responsible investment and stewardship

The real world impacts financial markets, and financial markets impact the real world. We help our clients invest responsibly, exercise their ownership rights through strong stewardship and consider the real-world impact of their decisions.

It is financial common sense to promote strong real world environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and as a multi-decade force for change, investors can both support the transition and earn a fair return.

We use our scale and influence to make our clients’ voices heard, by engaging with policymakers to tackle systemic risks that no single investor can manage alone.

Climate risk is huge and climate change will not happen in a straight line

Just one significant event could trigger market revaluations across your portfolio, in response to political reaction. We encourage our clients to align to the net zero transition and manage climate risk. 

We can also help investors to capture excellent long-term opportunities, by identifying investments that are well placed to deliver strong returns and drive the global transition to a low carbon economy. Good implementation here is absolutely crucial – and we’ll use our market leading expertise in the energy sector to give our clients an edge, so they can tap into this megatrend in an intelligent way.

Managing ESG risks

We can also help investors manage a broader range of ESG risks and improve outcomes, by successfully using our clear roadmap of “inform – agree – engage – change”.

  • Inform to understand the current position and what’s possible
  • Agree on areas of consensus to define policy and clear actions
  • Engage with managers to gain understanding and improve standards
  • Change managers and/or select new managers and asset classes where appropriate.

Responsible investment principles are integrated into our manager research process, allowing us to tailor our manager recommendations to reflect your own responsible investment goals and priorities. We can help clients to see clearly whether their managers are leaders or laggards in this space, and take meaningful action to improve their real-world position.

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