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Central banks

Our experience in working with central banks and knowledge of investment markets can help our clients implement risk-controlled investment strategies that aim to generate higher returns while managing short-term liquidity needs carefully.

Charities and endowments

We provide tailored and independent investment advice to charities, endowments and foundations. We help design, implement and monitor investment portfolios that meet their specific financial, ethical and responsible investment objectives.

Global pension funds

We help global pension funds create the right governance framework, set an investment strategy that’s right for their members, structure mandates that achieve their aims, select the right combination of investment managers and finally monitor those exposures over time.

Private wealth

We provide expert advice on all aspects of investing in healthcare by combining our investment and health capabilities into a single integrated service, helping investors to access the vast opportunities in this space.

Sovereign wealth funds

We have deep experience in working with a diverse set of sovereign wealth funds, helping them review and set their governance framework, strategic asset allocation, structure mandates and select global fund managers.

UK pension schemes and sponsors

We support both DB and DC pensions in getting the right investment strategy and investment manager for their needs to help ensure good member outcomes.

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