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Risk modelling

Using sophisticated risk modelling tools, developed in-house by our experts, we can help investors make sense of investment risk and how it might affect their stakeholders over different time periods, and compare how alternative investment strategies might mitigate risk and potentially deliver better outcomes.

Investors and risk managers want to understand how unexpected events can knock their portfolios off course and by how much

Yet, it can often be very challenging to truly understand the risks inherent in an investment approach, and what that might mean for outcomes. 

At LCP, we help our clients in three main areas of risk management:

  • Risk identification and quantification – We employ a wide range of sophisticated models to help you identify and quantify the risks in your investments. Whether it be portfolio stress testing and scenario analysis, or bespoke stochastic modelling with 30-50 year projections, our tools can help illustrate the full spectrum of risks.
  • Risk mitigation and management – We then work with you to identify alternative investment approaches which can help manage and reduce the impacts from key risks. We can show you results in real-time, avoiding lengthy, iterative approaches. 
  • Risk monitoring – We work with you to develop bespoke risk monitoring frameworks, both to manage existing risks, but also identify new risks as they emerge. 

Our asset and risk modelling experts have a wealth of experience in both standard and bespoke risk modelling exercises.

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