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Advisory for master trusts and providers

Using our in-depth knowledge of all providers and master trusts in the Irish market and experience of advising DC clients on master trusts, investment strategy, LCP Ireland is best placed to provide advice across your proposition, from investment design through to developing out new ideas and concepts.

We don’t offer a master trust or any fiduciary product, nor are we tied to any provider, so you can be rest assured that our advice is unconflicted – our focus is supporting you and your offering to clients and members.

We have a deep understanding of all providers and master trusts in the market, having researched the whole of market. 

We have an unrivalled understanding of what is needed and have expert knowledge on where propositions can be improved and how one compares to others. On top of this, we have an enviable reputation in the market based on our independence, consistency and quality of people.

In recent years we have developed and launched innovative investment strategies, with a clear focus on helping members achieve better outcomes over the long term.

Understanding where you can add value and make a difference for your members is a fundamental part of building and developing your proposition. We can support you on this journey by benchmarking your services against others in the market and providing clear advice and recommendations on what will make a difference to you, your clients and your members.

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