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DC trustee consulting

We can help you to run a high-quality DC scheme, make being a trustee as easy as possible, and achieve great member outcomes.

Complex topics will be communicated in a clear way to save you time – we tell you what you need to know when you need to know it and help with any actions. We pride ourselves on the level of support we give trustees from not only dedicated client teams but the wider trustee training and publications we produce.

Our advice is tailored to your needs, aligned to your goals, and clear and unconflicted. 

We don’t have any financial links to a provider and we don’t offer our own master trust or any other investable product. As such, we benefit from unrivalled access to providers    who are happy to disclose information to an organisation they don’t see as a competitor. You benefit from this by obtaining more detailed information and insights about your provider, helping you with reviewing them.

Here is how we can help you with all things DC:

  1. Training on technical matters, in person and written, summarising complex legislation into clear and actionable steps
  2. Assessing existing providers, what areas are they strong or weak in and how they compare to alternative providers
  3. Engaging with providers to improve their current offering, for example helping to negotiate lower member-borne fees
  4. Formal review of an existing provider or selection of a new provider, with clear bespoke recommendations based on the preferences of the trustees
  5. Project management of any change project, such as implementing new providers or launching new funds, ensuring clear communication and resource management across all parties 
  6. Advising and managing complex issues, such as tax liabilities, helping to get to a satisfactory outcome for the scheme
  7. Benchmarking existing schemes and making suggestions for improvement. For example, benchmarking contributions in your scheme against those of other firms in the same sector and the wider market.

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