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Master trust selection and implementation

We don’t run our own master trust, which means we are independent and therefore best placed to help you with selecting a provider.

We have experience from advising on more than 50 master trust selection and implementations in the last few years. We’ve transitioned more than 10bn assets and 300,000 members to these schemes. 

Our independence ensures that we can access and recommend a complete range of market products, allowing us to provide tailored advice that is right for each clients’ needs.

As a large consultancy, with strong relationships in the market power, we always achieve market-leading pricing for our clients for the benefit of your employees and members.

Who is in the market?

There are 17 master trusts listed as authorised by the Pensions Authority. In practice, due to the requirements of most projects, we have seen a much smaller number of schemes being used. It is important to note that not all master trusts are the same. They may not be able to offer all your required services or may not be as good as others in a specific area. We will help you understand this.  

We also understand that you will have existing relationships and providers and we will take this into account when providing our suitability advice. We won’t engineer a change, just for the sake of it, so if your current provider has a master trust and you are happy with them, we will likely include them in the selection process.  

Using our market knowledge to get the right outcome

The breadth and depth of our knowledge on master trusts from our hands on experience backed up by our DC research means that we can help you understand what the market currently offers in terms of technology, communications and retirement options, as well as providers' planned future developments to ensure that your chosen master trust will retain their position as a market leader.

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