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Financial wellbeing

Your employees’ financial lives are personal and unique. But when financial worries are brought to the workplace, it can have a huge impact on your employees’ productivity, no matter their level.

By using our extensive experience and analytical capability, we can help you understand the needs of your employees. This is demonstrated through the ability to design a bespoke employee-centric strategy that can improve financial wellbeing   as well as helping you manage risks and demonstrate return on investment to your organisation. 

Our approach is designed to optimise your existing resources, creating savings for you whilst enhancing employee engagement.

As an organisation which is independent from any provider, we are perfectly placed to be your strategic partner to guide you in creating the framework which will continue to adapt in this ever-changing world.


Unbiased market view of wellbeing providers
Wealth of data on employee behaviours – over 50,000 employees surveyed and 1,000 employers over the last 5 years.

Independent financial knowledge building

No product bias, just pure education and support.

Strategic vision to support benefit design and implementation

Using data to ensure benefits fit the needs of employees whilst getting the most from your existing benefit providers.

Holistic approach to employee wellbeing 

Looking at the impacts of poor financial health on physical and mental wellbeing.

We provide an unbiased market view of wellbeing providers to ensure that our recommendations are in the best interest of your employees. With a wealth of data gathered from surveying over 50,000 employees and 1,000 employers over the past five years, we have deep insights into employee behaviours that drive our strategies.

We are dedicated to building independent financial knowledge, free from product bias. By using our extensive data, we tailor benefits to meet the specific needs of your employees, whilst getting the most from your existing benefit providers. Our holistic approach considers the significant impact of financial health on both physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring our services address all aspects of employee wellness for a healthier, more productive workplace.

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