Our investment team provides high quality investment advice to trustees and sponsors of pension schemes, as well as advice to individual and institutional clients seeking independent investment modelling and risk views.

The consequences of an inappropriate investment policy can be enormous.  We believe it is vital that the risks and rewards behind our clients' investment policies are fully understood.

How we can help

In order to help our clients have an appropriate policy, we focus on offering:

  • Proactive advice – we provide our clients with the most appropriate information, and direction on how to make their options work for them
  • Clear advice – we ensure that the language we use means that our clients have sound understanding of the issues they face, and the solutions we can provide for them
  • Efficient decision making and implementation advice - however good, is only of value if it leads to agreed outcomes, swiftly actioned
  • Value for money – we actively use our wider investment relationships to ensure our clients get the best deal available.

The advice and support that LCP provided to us in changing our pension and investment arrangements was outstanding.

LCP Client

How we can help

In an increasingly complex investment market we focus exclusively on the needs of our clients. We keep abreast of the entire range of investment choices and access options and simply deliver good value best in class advice.

Getting the investment strategy right is the most important task to help ensure good outcomes.

LCP Horizon is a one stop solution to meet your governance, communications and investment needs; enabling you to take effective, measurable actions to help your members.

Our intuitive, real-time pensions technology allows you to see the information you need when you need it, helping you to make decisions.

We help you focus on the areas of most significance, monitoring performance against the benchmark, funding level and manager contribution. This information can enable you to see what decisions have worked and why.

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